Utility Services

We are utility procurement specialists, totally independent, dealing with all the major UK and Republic of Ireland providers along with a number of trusted smaller providers. We utilise our expert market intelligence to advise on the best time to go to market, advise on risk strategy and ensure you have the most effective energy management scheme in place.


What makes our gas service stand out from the others is our in-depth knowledge of the diverse range of gas products available on the market today. We are independent but maintain close working relationships with all the major gas suppliers. We can deliver a range of gas quotes for your exact business requirements and recommend the most suitable contract type and length for your requirements.


With the increasing complexity of the electricity market it is important to have an expert partner on hand to guide you through the market. With regulations such as P272 and both non half hourly and half hourly supplies, MOP agreements, distribution charges and CCL the market is increasingly confusing. We provide a bespoke strategy to manage the procurement of electricity for each individual client.


With the water market only recently deregulated we can cover all water service requirements from tariff analysis, water efficiency and water procurement solutions. We handle the whole process on your behalf from advising you on information of deregulation to securing you the most cost effective contracts with the most suitable supplier.

UK Office

Arquen House
4-6 Spicer Street
St. Albans
Hertfordshire AL3 4PQ

Tel: 01727 400444

Ireland Office

Botuney, Curry, 

Tel: 09859990